A location based web app to build your professional social network.

AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase / Oct 2016

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Jibo Donor

Leveraging and square to let Jibo robot engage people to make a donation

Jibo API, Node.js,, Square / Sep 2016

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Json Resume Theme: Material

The material theme for JSON Resume.

jsonresume, Node.js / Dec 2015

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Decision Terminator

A mobile app to help people make a decision.

Google Polymer, Cordova / Nov 2015

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FillTime (in progress)

A time log app for iPhone, used for curing procrastination.

Swift, Unity2D / Aug 2015

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iPhone as a Game Controller

A web-based prototype which converts the iPhone into a Wiimote-style motion controller.

Javascript, Node.js, / Sep 2015

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Left 4 Dead Level Design:HIT Campus

Rebuild my university campus in Left 4 Dead. To memorize happy moments during my campus life.

Hammer Editor / Aug 2015

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GRE Flashcard

A web app for GRE core words remembering in a fresh way by finding approximation between words.

Javascript, Bootstrap / Mar 2015

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Markdown Plugin for CKEditor

A CKEditor plugin, embeded in CKEditor, which can use Markdown format to edit.

Javascript / Nov 2014

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File Uploader

File Uploader with mOxie

Javscript, HTML5 / Mar 2014

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QR Code-based Bus Exchanging Query

Querying bus exchanging information by scanning QR code which has located your current position.

Javascript, Jquery Mobile, Baidu Map / Jul 2012

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Douban Movie

A chrome extension, used for quickly querying movie ranking from Douban Movie

Javascript, Chrome Extension / May 2011

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Make Search Easier

Similar image searching, used for quickly identifying Traffic Signs

Python, PHP / July 2010

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  1. Maxthon Browser Skins

    Jul 2011

    Two funny simple skins of Maxthon Browser.

  2. Uniforms for Graduation

    Jun 2012

    A cool style of uniforms which contains all my classmates' avatars.

  3. PPT Templates

    May 2013

    Common use for my presentations.

  4. Red Packet

    Oct 2015

    A gift for my class monitor at HIT who are getting married

  5. Visualization

    Dec 2015

    Distribution of Universities in United State

  6. Blue Apron for Smartwatch

    May 2017

    Design for improving cooking process