Inspired by new generation of Browsers such as Safari and Chrome, I decided to desgin a new user interface of browsers to improve the expericence of surfing online. Then I found that the Maxthon Browser support more flexible custom on the interface than other browsers. So I decided to use it to realize my idea.

Final work


The key point of the design is that I want to remove all the redundant functions making sure that there are more spaces for content. I changed the layout of navigation bar and made a auto-hidden address bar.

The address bar will automatically hide if you don’t hover on the top.

This is a state when address bar is open as below.

By doing this, users can just focus on the content and switch tabs more easily in this mode than in the inconvenient fullscreen mode. After testing on a few devices, I found that it was very appropriate for small screen devices such as laptops.

Coincidentally, there was a design contest for Maxthon Browser Skins, so I participated in this contest with two types of skins and got a fashion T-shirt for a reward. :)


1. Water Box

2. Funny Box